Execution of Sentence

Bastøy prison has room for 115 inmates. Most of them come from other prisons, while some come directly to Bastøy.

Bastøy is a prison for long-term prisoners. The average sentence is five years, and the average age is just under 40 years. The average time on Bastøy is about one and a half year. We want inmates with long sentences and some time left to serve. We want inmates who wish to work on their own motivation and change.

Application from another prison:
The inmate must apply personally. In the application, one should say something about plans and motivation. The department puts weight on evaluations from the delivering prison. Type of crime/organized crime, danger of escape and the structure of the prisoner population are important points in the evaluation.

Application to start serving a sentence at Bastøy prison:
The convicted person may contact the sentence office (domskontoret) where he lives, and make a request concerning where to serve the sentence. One can also send an application to

Kriminalomsorgen region sør, Kjelleveien 21 postboks 2166 3103 Tønsberg

Addiction handling unit

The addiction-handling unit at Bastøy prison is an offer to convicts with a drug or alcohol addiction, who need rehabilitation and treatment in Region Sør.

The unit was opened on 01.12.2009, and has eight rooms. We are three staff members – one unit leader with a prison background, and two addiction consultants with broad experience in addiction, psychiatry and treatment

In the unit, we work among other things with

The main goal of the addiction-handling unit is to work towards a good release, and to take care of the inmate’s rights both during and after the prison term. This might be treatment in an institution, serving the sentence under section 12, or preparing for release to one's own home and a job/education.

We work to a target of motivating the inmate to choose a drug-free life after release.

The addiction-handling unit wishes to give a complete package to the inmate. With focus on better rehabilitation and treatment of drug addicts in prison, we see that the inmate is better able to control substance abuse in the future. If you want to apply for the addiction handling unit at Bastøy prison, you can find the application form here:

Form to zone in Bastøy prison

Form for drug dependence unit in Bastøy prison



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