Qualified prison officers, staff the Security department at Bastøy. Our main tasks are control and security, contact officer work, and targeted social work.

Contact officers:
All convicts will be provided with a contact officer on their first day. The contact officer will have an arrival talk with the convict within two weeks of arrival. Together, they will map wishes for the prison term, and the inmate’s knowledge and experience. The contact officer is the convict’s primary contact in the prison. He or she should be the one to assist with information, applications, contact with instances outside the prison and so on.

Freedom of movement:
The inmates may move around the island freely, with a few exceptions. All inmates must be in their respective houses from 23.00 to 07.00 on weekdays and 23.00 to 08.00 at weekends and on holidays.

Counting the inmates is mandatory, and due to the need for security and control this is given high priority. The purpose is to take care of the inmates' own safety and to ensure that the prison knows the number of inmates on the island at all times. Counting is done four times a day at specific times.

Telephone routines:
Bastøy prison has five phone booths, which the inmates can use at set times. Monday-Friday during lunch and after work 14.30-22.00. At weekends 08.00-.22.45. Inmates must buy phone cards in the shop at Bastøy. Relatives/friends may call back so that the inmates are not charged. Cell phones are not allowed.

Mail and newspapers:
Officers hand out all mail. Mail must be opened in front of an officer.

Personal effects and valuables:
The inmates may bring some smaller, personal effects to the prison. This might be private clothes, DVD player, MP3 player, TV (max 32 inches) or objects connected with hobbies. Cell phones and cameras are not allowed. All personal effects brought into the prison are kept here at the inmate's own responsibility. Expensive items such as jewellery should be kept outside the prison. All effects will be checked and registered before being handed out

Bastøy prisons want to ensure that everyone can serve their sentences in a drug-free environment, and that they are given the opportunity to counteract their own criminal activities. It is illegal for inmates to use any form of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances, tranquillisers, hormones or other chemical substances not legally prescribed.

The prison picks out inmates to give urine samples daily. This is done at random. Times and frequency will vary.


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