Import services - The church:

Chaplain's service – religious activity

Bastøy prison has a chaplain in a full-time position. The Ministry of the Church and Culture employs the chaplain. The chaplainry belongs to the external services in the prison, like the health services and the school. The chaplain offers several services. Primarily, he is someone to talk to. The chaplain is sworn to silence concerning things said to him in personal conversations.

Based on an understanding of the person as a whole, the chaplain will work to prevent the damages a prison sentence can cause, and in co-operation with the health service he will contribute in a rehabilitation process, which can be useful when inmates adjust to society after serving the sentence.

Every other Sunday, there is a religious service in the prison church or in the outdoor church on the island. Coffee and cake or other fare is served after the services.

The chaplain also organizes meetings and cultural events with visits from groups on the outside.

If you want to get in touch with a representative of another faith community, the chaplain can handle this.


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