Bastøy prison is the largest low-security prison in Norway.

Bastøy prison is the largest low-security prison in Norway. The prison is located at Bastøy island in the Oslo Fiord, belonging to Horten municipality. The prison uses the whole island, but the northern part with the beach Nordbukta is defined as open to the public.

The prison is organized as a small local community (island community) with about 80 buildings, roads, beach zones, cultural landscape, football field, agricultural land and forest.

In addition to the prison functions, there is a shop, library, information office, health services, church, school, NAV (government social services), dock, ferry service (with its own shipping agency) and a lighthouse with facilities to let for smaller meetings and seminars.

The prison functions at Bastøya from Robert Hansen, Fargefilm AS on Vimeo.

Both nature and buildings are listed for preservation. The prison and the whole of the island community are run under human-ecological values and understanding. Among other things, this means that the farming is ecological, the prison handles most of its own rubbish, and there is a constant focus on minimizing CO2-emissions.

But human-ecological thinking and theory is much more than this.
Human ecology is concerned with relationships between people and their social and artificially created environments, and focuses on how human beings function together and are influenced by each other and nature. This means that all staff members at Bastøy prison are expected to have competence, understanding and focus on human relations and how we influence and are influenced by others, in addition to respect for how we use and take care of nature around us, of which we all are parts.

These are the values of the prison and the island community.


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