Work units - Maritime unit

The maritime unit at Bastøy prison consists of the ferry MF «Vederøy», the fishing boat «Skreien» and a shipping office on the island. The main task of the unit is to provide safe transportation of passengers and goods to and from the island. Annually, some 40 000 passengers and 1000 vehicles are ferried on MF «Vederøy». The unit has seven employee, some substitutes and about twelve inmates.

The ferry – MF ”Vederøy”


MF «Vederøy» is a passenger- and car ferry, which can carry up to 70 passengers and 30 tons on deck. The ferry was built in Finland in 1991, and was bought by the prison in 2007. From 2008 to 2009 it was altered; among other things it was lengthened and widenened.

Late August 2009 MF «Vederøy» was put in traffic between Horten and Bastøy, replacing the old ferry MS «Foldin». MF «Vederøy» is the gateway to the prison, and is docked south of the Bastøy Fosen ferries in Horten.

On weekdays «Vederøy» sails ten or eleven round trips between Horten and Bastøy according to a set schedule. At weekends, there are fewer trips.




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