Work units - Agriculture

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Bastøy farm
The farm at Bastøy consists of 300 daa. of ploughed areas, and 2000 daa. of forest and other land. The farming is ecological, and is based on sustainable production without the use of artificial fertilizer and toxic spraying. The animals at Bastøy live in an environment that considers their natural needs and behaviour.

The cow barn
We specialize in meat and livestock production. The cow race is called Hereford. They are easy to handle, calm and frugal animals that graze half the year in the forest and outfields. In the winter. They’re in the barn. The calves are born in March.




The sheep shed
We produce mutton for our own kitchen. We have 17 animals of the race Norsk Pelssau («Norwegian Fur Sheep»).






The stables
We have six workhorses. The race is Norsk Dølahest. It is good natures, strong, versatile and likes to work.








We cut and drive lumber in the forest every winter. In the autumn, we care for and maintain the forest. The tasks are tree felling with chainsaw, driving the lumber with tractor and horse, planting trees and clearing and thinning with motorized equipment.

We produce firewood in small sacks for sale in Horten. To do this, we have a modern wood plant with a large capacity.



The greenhouse
We have two greenhouses, where we produce vegetables and flowers to be planted in the kitchen garden and the flowerbeds. We produce tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and melons. The kitchen garden is one hectare, and all kinds of vegetables are grown for sale and our own kitchen.

Park and sports
The tasks at the park are planting and tending the summer flowers, cutting, lawn mowing and -tending. At the football fields, the running tracks are kept in good condition, and the grass on the pitch is fertilized, watered and cut regularly.

Seed and grass production
We grow cereals, peas, beans and grass for our livestock.


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